General terms and conditions of delivery and performance

1. Contracting: The present general terms and conditions of delivery and performance apply for the delivery and performance of AS-Übersetzungen. They are valid even if the general terms and conditions of delivery and performance or purchase of the customer contain different regulations. Contracts, agreements and changes of the same shall be in writing. Contracts, especially price agreements, shall be treated confidentially.

2. Prices and invoicing: The prices are understood plus the applicable VAT. Extra charges will be agreed for express orders, higher layout efforts, poor legibility of the original and similar difficulties as well as for work on sundays and bank holidays. Additional costs (postal and telecommunication charges, courier costs) will be borne by the customer.

3. Delivery and software: The translations will be forwarded in the agreed manner, alternatively via e-mail, fax, on diskette or as hardcopy by post. Agreed delivery dates will principally be fulfilled. Delays due to unpredictable technical problems or difficulties concerning the transmission of translations via e-mail or post do not constitute any recoverable delay. When the customer uses other software than MS DOS Microsoft WinWord, this has to be coordinated in detail between the customer and AS-Übersetzungen before a placement of order takes place. On occurance of unpredictable incidents (e.g. illness) or in cases of acts of God AS-Übersetzungen is entitled to agree a reasonable extension.

4. Quality assurance: In case of texts with high degree of difficulty (e.g. advertisements, new technical solutions, texts with high occurance of abbreviations) the customer is obliged to cooperate in the clarification and selection of the technical terms used within the concerned branch of industry, for instance, already existing translations and word lists are to be made available. Otherwise, technical terms will be translated according to the current lexic of general use. The customer shall name the purpose of the translation (e.g. work translation, for publication, certified translation).

5. Terms and conditions of payment: Unless otherwise agreed, all invoices are payable within 14 days without any deductions. On default of payment, interest payable on arrears may be charged at the amount of normal banking practice. If reminders will become necessary, for each reminder a handling charge of € 2.50 will be charged.

6. Complaints: Complaints will only be accepted in writing and with precise explanation of reasons for the complaint up to 6 months after delivery. AS-Übersetzungen is entitled to make improvements free of charge. The customer is entitled to a reduction of price or refusal to pay only after two unsuccessful improvements.

For damages proved to be incurred due to a translation mistake, AS-Übersetzungen will be liable only for intent and act of culpable negligence, with experts of the insurance company where AS-Übersetzungen has a property damage liability insurance being in charge for the handling.

7. Cancellations: Cancellations may cause cancellation costs that will be charged in the amount actually due at the time of cancellation (e.g. for already completed translations).

8. Data protection, secrecy: The provided data will be stored at AS-Übersetzungen (in accordance with German law general translations have to be kept on file for 2 years, certified translations for 5 years). Any unchecked disclosures to any third parties will be impossible. AS-Übersetzungen reserves the right of intellectual property of their delivered services.

9. Partial invalidity: If an individual provision of these general terms and conditions is invalid or should become so in future, then the validity of the rest of the provisions shall not be affected.

10. Jurisdiction: The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. Place of jurisdiction will be the district court of Schwalmstadt.


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